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Note – the telephone extensions can be accessed using the main office number, 604-273-6955

Michael Waldkirch, BA, CPA, CGA
extension 223
Direct: (604) 558-5035

Jaime Sutton, BBA, CPA, CGA
extension 227
Direct: (604) 558-5031

Andy Leung, B. Com.
extension 237

Edmond Tam, B. Tech.
extension 222
Direct: (604) 558-5038

Karen Pretty, C. Admin
extension 238

Sharandeep Dhillon
extension 226

Ankita Seth
extension 228

Junko Tamashiro, CPA, CA
extension 271

Ramandeep Grewal, BSc, CPA
extension 232

Mahnaz Mostoufi, M.Sc.
extension 224

Ryan Castaneda, JD, CPA, CGA
extension 240

Corrina Zhang, CPA, CGA
extension 235

Victor Li
extension 236

Olga Mikhailichenko
extension 270

Harry Grewal, B. Comm, MA, MBA
extension 234
Direct: (604) 558-5034

If you have any general questions or concerns, please email us at