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Chartered Professional Accountants

Your Trusted Financial Partner

Your Trusted Financial Partner

About Michael Waldkirch & Company Inc.

We know that clients demand more from their professional advisors than mere scorekeeping. We are a part of our clients’ business and financial team. We provide objective independent services and advice and we can be an invaluable sounding board or advisor for internal operational and planning needs. For all our clients from large to small, we provide professional and practical advice, and deliver exceptional service.

– Michael Waldkirch & Company Inc.

Our Services

At Michael Waldkirch & Company Inc., we understand that achieving financial success involves more than just careful planning and experienced decision-making. It requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses both personal and business aspects.

Our Dedication to Care

Client satisfaction is paramount, and we prioritize their interests, considering them under our guardianship. Our accounting team continuously engages in learning programs to stay updated on evolving taxation laws, accounting standards, and strategies aimed at fostering our clients’ business growth.